It is late spring of South China around the Qingming Festival,buses and cars go to Liuwang Temple of Liansidang orderly.
  It is one scene of people going to the Liuwang Temple fair in the new century.A hundred years before,in several days,thousands of fishing boats stay in a row along the north bank of Liansidang.
  The lead of the net-boat fair is a god called Liuwang.It is said that in the end of Yuan dynasty,locusts were here and there in Jiangsu and Zhejiang.The leader Liu Chengzhong guided soldiers and masses to wipe out locusts and they won in the end.Then Liu Chengzhong led people to catch fish,but he was drowned in the Liansidang lake.The local people were moved by his moral character,hen moulded a statue to offer sacrifices.