Wuyi County Library was established in January 1979. The current library building was completed in 2003. With 9 staff members it covers an area of 4,900 square meters and offers a collection of 120,000 books featuring in paintings, calligraphies and sealing of Ye Yiwei. It also gives priority to collect and use of local literatures such as family trees and annals.
Based on book lending service, Wuyi County Library has integrated library with art hall, exhibition hall, academic exchange center, social education base and recreation facility for local citizens. There are 240-square-meter Multi-Function Lecture Hall, Ye Yiwei Art Hall, 500-square-meter Exhibition Hall, Art and Picture Recreation Reading Room, Training Classroom, Electronic Reading Room, Lending Room, Reference Book Reading Room, Local Literature Stack Room and Executive Office etc. Annually it receives 100,000
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