Shenzhou City Library was formerly known as Shanxi Library founded at the end of Qing Dynasty and beginning of the Republic of China. Shen County Library was established in June 1956. When Shenzhou was upgraded to city in 1995, this library was renamed as Shenzhou City Library.
Constructed in 1992 and designed to store 300,000 books, the current library building covers an area of 2,900 square meters. At present there are 18 staff members.
Shenzhou City Library offers a collection of 180,000 books, among which 30,000 are ancient books. The ancient books feature 20 kinds, 243 volumes of rare editions. Shenzhou City Library collects more than 200 kinds of local annals, family trees and local masterpieces. 316 family trees in store include 53 surnames. There are 11 county annals from Song Dynasty to the Republic
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