The history of Jiande City Library can be traced to Jiande County Library established in 1956.
With 9 staff members the current library covers an area of 325 square meters. It includes Lending Department, Reading Department, Editing and Collecting Department, Tutoring Department and Information Department.
It offers a collection of 120,000 book including 8,000 ancient books. Yanzhou Annals, Jiande County Annals and Shouchang County Annals are among the characteristic literature collections.
In 2002 it set up the Electronic Reading Room and the ˇ°One Card Passˇ± Project was realized in 2004.
In 2001 it was awarded as the ˇ°Hangzhou Advanced Social Culture Unitˇ±. In 2004 it was rated as the ˇ°Third Class Public Libraryˇ±.
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