The history of Changshan County Library can be traced to Changshan County Public Library founded in 1914, which was the oldest public library in Quzhou. In 1979 Changshan County Library was established.
The current library is located on the second and third floor of the Cultural Building. With 9 staff members it covers an area of 650 square meters.
Changshan County Library offers a collection of 65,000 books including 3,628 ancient books, more than 80 kinds, 17,000 pieces of newspapers and periodicals. People¡¯s Daily and Zhejiang Daily have been collected since 1949. The library collected complete original editions of local literatures (the original version of Changshan County Annals during the reign of Guangxu in Qing dynasty, copy of Changshan County Annals during the reign of Kangxi, most of local annals and writings by Changshan celebrities). It also

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